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Falling Behind In Writing

Falling Behind In Writing

Today is December 3, 2018, as I reflect on how the year has gotten away from me.  I realize more than ever that a years worth of perfectly interesting articles i missed blogging about.  There is no point in dwelling on what could of been. […]

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   FLEA & TICK PREVENTION Spring is here and that means the Fleas and Ticks are out also.  The last thing I want to think about are these pesky bugs.  Becoming proactive in the prevention of fleas and ticks are essentials for good pet hygiene. […]

Boston Boredom

Boston Boredom


Boston Boredom

Having a Boston Terrier that gets bored can be a dangerous event.  For example. Mona and Bebe were left home one day. I’m not sure how it started. Mona and Bebe decided it was a great idea to start scratching and chewing the sheet rock in our newly remodeled kitchen.  I got home to find a huge chunk of sheet rock missing from my nice new kitchen wall. There were bits and pieces of sheet rock on the floor. The wall looked like someone decided to chew the heck out of the lower portion of the wall.  First I extremely angry. Than, I was worried that one of them may have swallowed or ate parts of the sheet rock. After scolding them both and making sure they were all right. Both dogs seemed to be completely fine and happy with the mess they created.  It was a tough lesson that I still have a hard time wrapping my head around.

I have found some things that have really helped to alleviate the boredom that my dogs get. They are listed below.

  • Invested in working toys. I found a great dog toy I stick treats in and it makes my dogs work at getting the treats out. The dogs become obsessed.
  • Treats. I found real bones at my local pet store that are hollow on the inside.  I often times will throw the bones in a huge pot and let them sit in some beef or chicken broth.  Sometimes I even stuff the bones with peanut butter and treats. This is Mona and Bebes favorite anytime treat. When I say peanut butter, they come running.
  • Exercise. I hired my neighbor to come whenever I know I am going to be gone longer than expected to come and let the dogs out, walk, and play with them.  It breaks up the day and it gets them moving. They look forward to seeing my neighbor come over.
  • Music/TV. Often when I’m gone for a short amount of time I will leave the radio or TV on for back ground noise. Mona loves watching you tube videos of animals in nature. Sometimes she thinks that they are really in the house.  It’s pretty fun to watch Mona so intently watching tv.

Every day I get home from work I hold my breath before I walk into my house.  Mostly because I’m afraid of the wall being chewed up.  Who does that?  Apparently only my crazy two dogs.   There is never a dull moment with these two chuckle heads.

Reputable Breeders

Reputable Breeders

REPUTABLE BREEDERS First, I want to make it very clear I don’t discriminate. I love rescue dogs and a lot of my family and friends have rescues. Rescue pets are amazing and need love just as much as purebred dogs. Bernese Mountain Dogs are my […]

Bee My Valentine

Bee My Valentine

Bee My Valentine   Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  I find that Valentine’s Day doesn’t excite me.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m no longer receiving the fun valentines from my classmates or if it’s because I’m married and it seems silly.  I do remember […]

Pampered Paws

Pampered Paws

Pampered Paw

Pet owners love Musher’s Secret. It’s a secret for a reason.  It’s an amazing product that I use on my dogs regularly.  Using it on my Bebes padded paws helps them from cracking and getting dry.

I think of it like using lotion daily for myself. I use it daily for a really nice foot massage for my dogs. It makes them feel pampered and relaxed.  In the mean time its helping their pads stay moisturized and healthy.

I highly recommend this for any dog.  I can’t wait to try this on Mona this winter when the ground is cold and she needs that extra bit of moisture and protection.

Benefits of pampering your pooches paws

This is what the label says:

  • Protects paws from sand, hot pavement, ice and salt with all natural 100-percent wax-based cream
  • Perfect for mushing, hunting, walking or before any outdoor activity
  • Easy-to-apply formula contains vitamin E to moisturize and help heal wounds and keep paws healthy
Trick and Treats

Trick and Treats

Trick and Treats It’s Halloween!  It can be a stressful time for dogs. The doorbell was ringing, strangers come to the door. There are chocolate treats and anticipation.  the dogs love Halloween they look forward to seeing friends. Mona tries to get candy by following […]

No Bones About It

No Bones About It

No Bones About It Customers prefer not to get anything artificial for their dogs. It’s not easy finding great snacks for your pet. Working treats are a great source of entertainment for a pet. New pet owner’s become overwhelmed perusing thru the multiple isles of […]

Battle Of Belongings

Battle Of Belongings

Early this evening as I was finishing the last of the dinner clean up. I caught my daughter screaming and yelling at Bebe.  I went up the stairs to see what was wrong.  She informed me that Bebe was ruining her life!  I was caught off guard and had a blank look on my face and I started laughing.  Immediately the tears came and she dramatically threw her hands up. According to her she didn’t find it funny.  I apologized and asked her what happened.

She found her favorite bedazzled notebook chewed on the corner and completely damaged. Now, this was no ordinary blinged out notebook.  It had a huge monogram S on it and the S lit up. She had received this gift from her Grandma Nene for Christmas.

I told her it was a notebook and she needed to put her things away and close her bedroom door.  She was angrier and proceeded to tell me that the dog was ruining her life.  All this from an eight year old who had begged me to get another Bernese Mountain dog!

Bebe is still getting some of her adult teeth. Chewing for her seems like the normal thing to do.  I can’t blame her. Although she does have her own chews and toys.  I completely agree with my daughter. The dog shouldn’t be grabbing my daughters stuff.  All dogs find anything and everything to chew.  It doesn’t seem to matter what we give her.  She likes it for a while but there is always something that’s more tempting like my daughters stuff.

This week it was the notebook.  Last week it was a pair of her nice dress shoes that her friend forgot to put away after dress up.  A few weeks back I found out she had chewed the corner of the bench to my dining room table! Than it was a pair of flip flops or a stuff animal.  It’s hard to keep eyes on this extra-large pup.  Thank goodness for Bitter Apple Spray.  It works wonders.  There is only one problem with the spray.  I can’t spray my entire house or keep enough on hand.

Below I have listed some of my facts and solutions that have worked for me.

-teething is from 8mos to 1 year.

-put away anything that may be dangerous for a dog to eat or swallow

-invest in bitter apple spray

-put all shoes away, remotes, cell phones, socks, soccer balls, dolls, you name it

-get the dog their own toys

-try frozen treats

-keep the dog busy and exercised

-don’t let your dog get bored

-use a treat bowl to make them work and stay busy like this one of my favorites

-be careful of any house plants that may be dangerous or toxic to a dog

-crate train your dog

-train with your dog on commands and signals for short periods of time and reward them for good behavior.

Now, I am implementing these fabulous ideas and solutions in my household.  We still have accidents once in a while like today don’t get me wrong.

Be like me. Put the dog outside in a safe designated area and close your eyes and count backwards from ten.  Remember it’s only temporary. Than smile and have some coffee and if you like put some Baileys in it.



Today Mona was not her peppy little self. She was tired, cranky, moody, and depressed. She is the typical girl on her period. She just wants to be left alone and doesn’t want to eat much. She just wants to cuddle. Mona did manage to […]