About BeBe

Beezus (aka BEBE the Bernese mountain dog)

My name is BEEZUS. I am a Bernese mountain dog and I am seven months old. I am easy going, shy at times and sometimes timid. I love to please my family. I wait for the school bus every morning with my girl Simaya. I wait for her when she gets home too.

I like to keep watch over my Best Fury Friend MONA because she likes to get into trouble. I tolerate her bossy attitude because she is the oldest. Sometimes she gets on my nerves but I’m always gentle with her and let her think she is winning. We wrestle and chase each other around the yard. I like to take naps while she goes out on her adventures. I
My favorite things to do are to go to the lake to swim. Chase rabbits, take naps in the shade, follow my mom ( Nicole ), play with my toys, and go in for a big cuddle. I get so excited when I meet new friends and I am on my best behavior.

I keep growing everyday bigger and bigger. My feet are getting bigger and my mom always is brushing my crazy fluffy curly hair. I love when she does it though because I get a good belly rub with the comb she uses. Sometimes I accidentally step on my parent’s feet by accident and I know it can hurt because I am bigger. I think I am little like Ramona.

I can’t wait to meet all the new friends from this Blog. I know my mom will share all her great ideas with you.

It’s going to be pawfect.