Boston Boredom

Boston Boredom

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Boston Boredom

Having a Boston Terrier that gets bored can be a dangerous event.  For example. Mona and Bebe were left home one day. I’m not sure how it started. Mona and Bebe decided it was a great idea to start scratching and chewing the sheet rock in our newly remodeled kitchen.  I got home to find a huge chunk of sheet rock missing from my nice new kitchen wall. There were bits and pieces of sheet rock on the floor. The wall looked like someone decided to chew the heck out of the lower portion of the wall.  First I extremely angry. Than, I was worried that one of them may have swallowed or ate parts of the sheet rock. After scolding them both and making sure they were all right. Both dogs seemed to be completely fine and happy with the mess they created.  It was a tough lesson that I still have a hard time wrapping my head around.

I have found some things that have really helped to alleviate the boredom that my dogs get. They are listed below.

  • Invested in working toys. I found a great dog toy I stick treats in and it makes my dogs work at getting the treats out. The dogs become obsessed.
  • Treats. I found real bones at my local pet store that are hollow on the inside.  I often times will throw the bones in a huge pot and let them sit in some beef or chicken broth.  Sometimes I even stuff the bones with peanut butter and treats. This is Mona and Bebes favorite anytime treat. When I say peanut butter, they come running.
  • Exercise. I hired my neighbor to come whenever I know I am going to be gone longer than expected to come and let the dogs out, walk, and play with them.  It breaks up the day and it gets them moving. They look forward to seeing my neighbor come over.
  • Music/TV. Often when I’m gone for a short amount of time I will leave the radio or TV on for back ground noise. Mona loves watching you tube videos of animals in nature. Sometimes she thinks that they are really in the house.  It’s pretty fun to watch Mona so intently watching tv.

Every day I get home from work I hold my breath before I walk into my house.  Mostly because I’m afraid of the wall being chewed up.  Who does that?  Apparently only my crazy two dogs.   There is never a dull moment with these two chuckle heads.

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