Reputable Breeders

Reputable Breeders

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First, I want to make it very clear I don’t discriminate. I love rescue dogs and a lot of my family and friends have rescues. Rescue pets are amazing and need love just as much as purebred dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are my favorite breed.  It’s not just because Bebe is a Berners but, because they are such gentle giants and I adore them.  A lot of times I get asked about breeders.  Knowing the breeder of your dog is a very important part of having a purebred dog.  Why? I love knowing the breeder of my dog.  It comes in handy when I have concerns or questions about my dog’s health and heredity.  It’s important to research where and who you’re getting your purebred dog from.  Reputable breeders are not puppy mills.

A good resource to answering your questions is the American Kennel Club (AKC). .

Listed below are a few frequently asked questions people have asked. You can find the answers on the AKC website.


  • I am interested in purchasing a puppy. How can I locate a breeder?
  • In the past, I bought an AKC dog from a breeder. How can I find the contact information for my breeder?
  • I want to contact a specific breeder. Can you give me their phone number or address?
  • I am looking for a breed of dog that does not shed.
  • I am looking for a breed of dog that does not bother my allergies.
  • What type of agreement should the buyer and seller enter into upon the sale of a puppy?

My favorite Bernese mountain dog breeder in the Midwest is Catchfly Acres.  Check out their website and face book page.   and

Catchfly Acres not only has Bernese mountain dogs but they have amazing German Shephard’s.  I have received both of my berners from Stephanie.  Her family cares or their dogs in such a loving manner it’s amazing. Stephanie and he family have been well trained and educated in the caring of all their dogs. I highly recommend them if you are looking for either of these two breeds. Another cool thing about Catchfly Acres is the different programs that they work with.  They have Working Bernese Mountain Dogs and German Shepherds helping match up Veterans with their service dogs.  It’s an amazing service Catchfly Acres is affiliated with.

Do research before you decide on a breed and a breeder.  Like I said earlier you may find that you want to adopt a lovable rescue.


Best of Luck!


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