Bee My Valentine

Bee My Valentine

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Bee My Valentine


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  I find that Valentine’s Day doesn’t excite me.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m no longer receiving the fun valentines from my classmates or if it’s because I’m married and it seems silly.  I do remember a time when I didn’t have a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s day with.  It can feel very depressing, isolating, lonely, and sad.  I remember envying all my friends that had someone to go celebrate this hallmark holiday with.  Now as I am married, older, and a mom.  I chuckle to myself when I think of all the time I wasted on being so wrapped up in the idea.


I was just reading an article from about the 15 Reasons Why Dogs Make Better Valentines Than Humans. 

I have to commend the writer of this article because it was spot on.  I found myself chuckling because I could relate to a lot of the examples. The getting dressed up in wearing heels.  There is also the expense, expectations, gifts, and disappointments.  Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s Day can feel so overwhelming, sad, depressing, and pressuring especially when you’re a woman.  Don’t get me wrong. I know guys have it just as rough as women when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I just feel that as women it can be a burden and a curse. Having a dog who loves you seems a lot less stressful than having a valentine.


Bee will be a fabulous Valentine.  I wish everyone could have cute cuddly buddies like Bee.  She is sweet, caring, loving, and always eager to please.  Her large paws are always reminding me that she is always open for hugs and rubs.


I encourage you to savor this Valentine’s Day with your lovable pets.  They can be the best Valentine you need on daily basis.


Happy Valentines Day,


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