Trick and Treats

Trick and Treats

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Trick and Treats

It’s Halloween!  It can be a stressful time for dogs. The doorbell was ringing, strangers come to the door. There are chocolate treats and anticipation.  the dogs love Halloween they look forward to seeing friends.

Mona tries to get candy by following me around the kitchen.  Hoping I will drop some kind of treat for her.  Bebe follows because she likes to follow what Mona is doing.  Two dogs with me in the kitchen don’t mix.

Carving the pumpkins

My husband decided to carve the large pumpkins we got from a local farmer.  A mess was all over the kitchen counter.  Power tools were plugged into the kitchen island.  I watched in horror. Pumpkin flesh was being thrown all over the counter and floor.

I volunteered to go to the local store to pick up candles for the pumpkins.  I returned home and  my daughter was dressed in her costume. My husband finished the pumpkins. I began cleaning and picking up the mess. What a mess!  The best part of the evening was I got a ton of pumpkin seeds to roast. They are were fabulous!

Mona and Bebe stayed home and handing out juice boxes with me.  The kids rang the door bell. Mona and Bebe ran to the door. Charging the front door.

The kids on the outside were surprised how different the dogs were from each other.  Tiny and extra large.  Some kids adored the dogs. Others were scared.  It was funny. One girl asked me if Bebes name was Beethoven.  I giggled and replied “no.”

My husband and daughter returned home. We threw all their Halloween goodies in a bowl. Checking out the cool stuff they received.  The dogs were jumping up and down eager to see for themselves.

Funny eyeballs

My daughter had received a pair of crazy eyeball glasses. We put them on Mona.  She looked hilarious! The night was a successful candy collection.

Halloween can be really fun for humans but for dogs it’s a lot like forth of July. It can be stressful, give anxiety, and fear.

Here are some things to ensure you have a safe future holiday.

  1. Skip the sweet treats.  It can be dangerous to feed your pets chocolate and anything sweetened with xylitol.
  2. No human food. Dogs don’t need the extra human calories.
  3. Secure your pet in a safe, escape-proof area where they feel safe, and cannot be hurt.
  4. Remember your pet wants to have fun.  Constant door bells and new smells from guests can be overwhelming and stressful.

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