No Bones About It

No Bones About It

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No Bones About It

Customers prefer not to get anything artificial for their dogs. It’s not easy finding great snacks for your pet. Working treats are a great source of entertainment for a pet.

New pet owner’s become overwhelmed perusing thru the multiple isles of dog treats. Many different kinds of dog treats. Packaged in different shapes, flavors, and so much more.

The Real Deal

Looking for something new for my dogs. Searching for a treat that would help keep their coats shiny.  I found Tuckers dehydrated beef bones.

No bones about it! These real beef bones are dehydrated and made in the USA.  Handmade and packed by local Wisconsin folks.

My two dogs are obsessed with these treats. Dogs are crazy for the beef bones. We find them chewing, biting, licking, and sucking on them.  Often I find them buried in my blankets. Sometimes spots like my shoes. It’s a great source of entertainment for my family.


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