Fish Treats – Plato Hundur Jerky Finger

Fish Treats – Plato Hundur Jerky Finger

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Fish Treats

My best friend, Allison, suggested these awesome jerky fingers.  Both Mona and Bebe love Plato Pet treats (Hundur’s Crunch fish treat in the jerky fingers.)

Dried fish made me leery. I read the label and went home and tried it. I figured the real test would be if the dogs like it.  Later that evening I decided to give the jerky fingers a try. They loved every morsel.  Now every time I have a bag they get excited.


-helps clean teeth by removing tarter

-100% Icelandic fish

-no corn, wheat, soy or by products

-natural source of Omega 3

-great for skin and coat

-no additives or colors

-money from each bag sold helps local animal and US veteran programs.

I was looking for something fun and entertaining to keep the dogs busy. I like to try new treats.  I don’t like to get anything artificial or unhealthy. I like to find treats the dogs have to work on like a puzzle.

While I was perusing thru the multiple isles of dog treats.  What a great discovery, TUCKERS Dehydrated beef bones.  Real beef bones that are dehydrated and made in the USA. They are handmade and packed by local Wisconsin people.

The dogs went crazy over the beef bones.  They chew, bite, lick, and suck on these bones day and night.  Often I find them buried in my blankets or in unusual spots like my shoes.  It’s a great source of entertainment for my family and I.

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