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Today Mona was not her peppy little self. She was tired, cranky, moody, and depressed. She is the typical girl on her period. She just wants to be left alone and doesn’t want to eat much. She just wants to cuddle. Mona did manage to chase some wild rabbits in the yard today.
Poor little Ramona is in heat. We had her schedule to be spade earlier this week. Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen now. We waited too long to schedule this appointment. Time completely got away from us this summer. We really spaced out.
Having a dog in heat is miserable for the dog and the owner. The dog will constantly be licking their privates, trying to attract other male and female dogs. They will bleed and dirty any place they sit. It can be very messy and stinky. The easiest thing to do is to follow the rules and get your dog spade or neutered. Don’t be me!
Here are some rules I go by when planning for my dog to be spade or neutered.  I am not a professional vet…but, I’ve had enough dogs in my lifetime that I know the protocol. If you don’t have a good vet that you trust ask around. Ask your friends, family, clients, strangers with dogs who they go to. Research in your area and look at reviews. Please don’t settle for someone just because they are in close proximity. Remember your dog is the closest thing you will ever have to a child. Do what is best for your dog.

1) Typically for most female puppies its best to spade before the first heat usually 8 weeks or after.
2) Make sure your dog has all of his/her vaccines before spade or neutering.
3) Find a good veterinarian who you can ask questions and have good communication with.
4) Ask about the intake process.
5) Medications for pain.
6) What to avoid after the surgery.
7) Follow up procedures.
Benefits of Spade/Neutering your dog
– Helps control the over population of unplanned puppies.
– Protects your dog from breast cancer, uterine cancers and other diseases.
– Eliminates testicular cancers and other diseases in males.
– Less of a risk of prostate cancer in males
– Prevents infections in the female’s uterus.

Remember Bob Barker always said on the Price is Right. Please get your pets spade or neutered!

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