Battle Of Belongings

Battle Of Belongings

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Early this evening as I was finishing the last of the dinner clean up. I caught my daughter screaming and yelling at Bebe.  I went up the stairs to see what was wrong.  She informed me that Bebe was ruining her life!  I was caught off guard and had a blank look on my face and I started laughing.  Immediately the tears came and she dramatically threw her hands up. According to her she didn’t find it funny.  I apologized and asked her what happened.

She found her favorite bedazzled notebook chewed on the corner and completely damaged. Now, this was no ordinary blinged out notebook.  It had a huge monogram S on it and the S lit up. She had received this gift from her Grandma Nene for Christmas.

I told her it was a notebook and she needed to put her things away and close her bedroom door.  She was angrier and proceeded to tell me that the dog was ruining her life.  All this from an eight year old who had begged me to get another Bernese Mountain dog!

Bebe is still getting some of her adult teeth. Chewing for her seems like the normal thing to do.  I can’t blame her. Although she does have her own chews and toys.  I completely agree with my daughter. The dog shouldn’t be grabbing my daughters stuff.  All dogs find anything and everything to chew.  It doesn’t seem to matter what we give her.  She likes it for a while but there is always something that’s more tempting like my daughters stuff.

This week it was the notebook.  Last week it was a pair of her nice dress shoes that her friend forgot to put away after dress up.  A few weeks back I found out she had chewed the corner of the bench to my dining room table! Than it was a pair of flip flops or a stuff animal.  It’s hard to keep eyes on this extra-large pup.  Thank goodness for Bitter Apple Spray.  It works wonders.  There is only one problem with the spray.  I can’t spray my entire house or keep enough on hand.

Below I have listed some of my facts and solutions that have worked for me.

-teething is from 8mos to 1 year.

-put away anything that may be dangerous for a dog to eat or swallow

-invest in bitter apple spray

-put all shoes away, remotes, cell phones, socks, soccer balls, dolls, you name it

-get the dog their own toys

-try frozen treats

-keep the dog busy and exercised

-don’t let your dog get bored

-use a treat bowl to make them work and stay busy like this one of my favorites

-be careful of any house plants that may be dangerous or toxic to a dog

-crate train your dog

-train with your dog on commands and signals for short periods of time and reward them for good behavior.

Now, I am implementing these fabulous ideas and solutions in my household.  We still have accidents once in a while like today don’t get me wrong.

Be like me. Put the dog outside in a safe designated area and close your eyes and count backwards from ten.  Remember it’s only temporary. Than smile and have some coffee and if you like put some Baileys in it.

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