Sensitive Matters

Sensitive Matters

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Last weekend I was at my father in laws lake house in northern Minnesota. My family and I were greeted by Cindy a large Black Lab, Tommy the litter mate of Mona and two cats. Inside the house after we unpacked the car Tommy and Mona went at it. They played and played until literally neither one could stand any longer. Both dogs ended up exhausted from a fun couple hours of hard play. Great socialization and exercise for the both of them.

We woke up the first morning of our stay to some very sensitive matters. I should have known as soon as Bebe decided to jump up and greet me with her poopy stinky paws. I looked down at my shirt and realized I had poop. Not any poop diarrhea on my shirt. YUCK!

Evidently my father in law fed Bebe what he normally feeds his two dogs. However Bebe and Mona eat a grain free diet from Natures Balance. The food that he gave Bebe was far too rich and full of grain. The poor girl just couldn’t hold it in. She had terrible diarrhea. Guess who had the luxury of cleaning it all up? With the help of lots of paper towels, carpet cleaner, trash bags, and lots of air freshener. Let’s just say cleaning up doggy diarrhea is one thing I can mark off my bucket list.

The cutest part about the entire thing was that Bebe felt so guilty. She sat outside the door all nervous as I was gaging while cleaning up her mess. She wouldn’t look me in the eye and she was very affectionate. I could tell she felt terrible about it.

Despite starting the weekend with this bump in the road we had a wonderful relaxing trip. We went fishing and my daughter caught her first northern. We went out for dinner and searched for fun agates. The weekend trip was a success.

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