Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

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Managing a new puppy’s sleep schedule is super hard to adjust to as a new pet owner. Mona and Bebe hate being in their kennels while they know we are all snug in our bed. They would much rather be in my bed or my daughters. I would love to have my puppies sleeping with me and cuddling at night. Not until they are completely potty trained and independent.

I don’t trust my fur babies at night lurking around unattended. There could be accidents and I’m definitely not one who likes to wake up surprised. However, co sleeping with puppies can create some awful habits. My family is very good at tolerating the loud howls, cries, and whimpers from Mona and Bee when they are in her kennel at bedtime. We have found that consistency is the key to happy and adjusted puppies. Mona and Bebe are sweet and very convincing but, staying strong and not allowing them to co sleep is a must. It helps the dog to relax and remember that their crate is their home and safe place. Mona and Bebe both run into their crates if they feel afraid.

Here are some awesome tips I’ve used to try to get my pup relaxed and on schedule with my family.

  1. Create a quiet place to put your dogs bed/kennel.
  2. Have a night light in the room if you choose to have your pup in a different room than in your bedroom.
  3. Play soft music
  4. Relax before bedtime with your dog and massage your dog a little bit
  5. Lay on the floor near the kennel/bed 30 minutes before
  6. Reward your pup in the morning when you get up and go outside for their morning potty and give them a treat or a good ole cuddle.
  7. Repetition is the key. Get all your family on board

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