Picking The Right Dog

Picking The Right Dog

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Picking The Right Dog

Deciding on getting my first Bernese mountain dog took a lot of research. My husband was against getting a large dog. He sounded like the dad on the movie Beethoven. Thinking they would drool, chew, and wreck everything! It was funny.


I sat down and wrote down what my daily life was like. What responsibilities, costs, and time went into having a new puppy? I figured out if we were able to adjust our schedules to care for a new puppy. Did I want a rescue? What breed? Size? Age?

I answered these questions. I tried to convince my husband. Horrible conversation. The answer was no.

I contacted a friend. She raised Bernese Mountain dogs.  I ask if she had any puppies available. She did not.  Late winter around February there would be a new litter.

I felt strongly in choosing a  Bernese Mountain dog. Reading all the facts and figures, I knew in my gut that it would all work out.

Done Deal

I told my husband in January what I had done. Deciding without my husband I got a huge dog! What was I thinking? He was furious and angry.

Do not do what I did to my husband. I made a big mistake. Making a family decision on my own. Owning a pet is not a one person decision. It’s a family decision. Talk out options with your family before proceeding with a new puppy. Everyone needs to be on board.

Pick Up

I went down and picked up my new puppy. I fell in love. Naming her Kora. I brought her home introducing her to my family. She was magical. She could feel what others were feeling.

My husband had no intention of liking Kora. He thought the dog was going to ruin his life. We can’t imagine our life without our dogs.

I cannot express how much joy, laughter, and smiles our dogs bring us. Without our memories….it’s too lonely. Our home is incomplete without our dogs.

Here is a small list of questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog.

  1. Can I afford a dog?
  2. What kind of dog/breed will work with my lifestyle?
  3. What kinds of time do I have to spend on training?
  4. Where will you get the dog?
  5. Do you have time?
  6. What negative and positive effects will it have on your life?
  7. Are you responsible?
  8. Who will care for the dog while you are at work?
  9. What size of dog are you looking for?
  10. Are you willing to exercise your dog?
  11. Are you willing to keep this dog until it is a senior?
  12. Are you committed to being 100% patient while the dog is a puppy?
  13. Will your family like having a dog?
  14. What will you do with the dog if you are gone?
  15. What age do you want? Puppy? Teenage? Senior?

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